My name is Alex Buiter. I’m a photographer from The Netherlands, living in Duindorp with my soon to be wife Nicole, 5 year old daughter Noa. Lately I’ve been looking for a photographic challenge which would help me grow as a photographer. After having been inspired bij Bill Wadman(completed one 365, than a 52 and then another 365 portraits only) and Dustin Diaz in the past, lately Zack Arias has been grabbing my attention (Yes I know, I’m using the same theme for this site.. I really like it, so I will be using it). I think it’s amazing what these guys have done (and are still doing). And I can’t wait to get started on my own 365 project and find out if I have the discipline and perseverance to complete a 365 project. So let’s see where this journey will lead me!

The rules are simple:

Starting April 1st 2010, I will create a post every day for 365 consecutive days. The posts will mainly contain photo’s, but can also be video or text. All content must be created on the day of the post. Except the video, which might take more time to edit. On those days I still have to create something else to post. It’s possible that during travels I will not be able to upload the posts because the lack of internet. On those days you will just have to wait ;-)

UPDATE 10-5-2010: I’ve found that it is just not possible to do the upload everyday. I will create the picture and the content for the posts everyday, but I do not have the time to upload the finished product every single day. Sometimes it just takes a couple of days to find the time for the posts..

UPDATE 1-6-2011: I did not finish the 365. I could not keep up with my busy schedule. Since the last post in the beginning of january I was glad the pressure was of and forgot about the Dailyclick for a while. But stil, I like the URL and thought it was a shame to do nothing with it. So now I will treat it as a place where I can post  whatever I want to post and WHENever I want to. It will probably be a lot of fun iPhone photo’s straight from Instagram. We’ll see.

Have fun! I know I will!!