Today I watched Zack Arias teach at Creative LIVE. In short, Creative LIVE organizes workshops on the internet for free. Everybody is welcome to watch and learn. After the workshop is over they show one free repeat. If you want to watch it again you pay and get a very high quality download link. There are two things here. One is CreativeLIVE itself. During the workshop they had an average 16000 viewers at any given time! They just give it away for free. No login, no creditcards,nothing. just enter the workshop and sit back and relax. For me being a poor photographer this is great. A free workshop. Unfortunately it was in Seatle, so due to time differences and obligations I couldn’t watch all of it. But what I saw was amazing. That brings me to number 2. Zack Arias. Besides being a great photographer he is also a fantastic teacher. He was teaching, doing a photoshoot for a band, answering tons of questions from the internet while guiding two of the six live participants through their own shoots all at the same time!! Who says men can’t multitask. The amount of time he (and the whole crew) put into this must be hundreds of hours. The first time I heard about Zack was through his guest post on Scott Kelby’s blog. That really struck a chord with me. Ever since I have been following him and he continues to amaze me. His website is full with great tutorials, and his photography outstanding. I especially like his philosophy about building your business. Don’t buy on credit, save it first, know your gear and shoot a lot!

He also was the final push I needed in starting this 365 project, and I’m thankfull for that. If ¬†you check you can see more of his 365. (which unfortunately he had to stop due to an insanely busy schedule). I use the same template because it’s really good for a project like this.

Nikon D300 17-55mm 2.8

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