Michael putting on his gloves, getting ready to surf at ScheveningenMichael putting on his gloves, getting ready to surf at Scheveningen

Michael Schmitz is a very well known figure in the Dutch surfing scene. I think we started surfing at about the same time. Except he was 13 or so and I was..older. Back then that was young to start surfing. Nowadays it’s nothing special. When he started, Erik (whom you know from day 2) took him under his wings and showed him the ropes. Now 15 years later, Michael has won the Dutch Championships a staggering 9 times! There aren’t many guys out there who are so focussed on surfing and getting the results. Even in a country like Holland it takes training and dedication to stay at the top. This year Michael is taking a break from the competition. Just to get his priority’s straight, regroup and focus. He has gotten into coaching young riders. A fun fact, one of them is Jelle de Roode. Yes… Son of Erik. Going full circle here.. Knowing Michael he’ll be getting very good at coaching. Just like everything he has to learn, he’ll jump in both feet, clamp on and not let go until he knows how everything works.

He has some very cool plans up his sleeve for the future, so let’s see if they come to fruition. I hope they do because I think the surfing community will benefit from it.

Here is Michael suiting up for a surf session at Scheveningen Noord to try out one of his new boards from his new sponsor BIG.

Shot available light with a Nikon D300 and a 70-200 2.8

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